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Basis for numerous unique medical devices
Sugi Absorption Properties
Customizable Properties
Sugi Hydrophloic Properties
Versatile physical and chemical features
Sponge Strips

Sugi® Versatile Cellulose Sponge Material

Our Medical Grade Sponge Material offers a possible solution to device manufacturers, component manufacturers, R&D specialists and material specialists in need of a cotton/cellulose sponge material to solve a specific problem in their devices or designs.

You will find relevant information for your pre-evaluation of our sponge material for your design or device prior to demanding samples. Questalpha GmbH & Co. KG is notably the manufacturer of the Versatile Cellulose Sponge Material a.k.a. Sugi® with more than 50 years of experience in this regard. Over the past decades QUESTALPHA has constantly improved the consistency and quality of this multi-purpose material to near perfection!

Find out more about our sponge product or contact us if you have very specific, proprietary or critical questions which demand a confidential agreement prior to initiating the process.


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Material Properties

A cellulose sponge material effectively used in various medical fields such as opthalmology, ENT-surgery, diagnostics, wound care, micro surgery, etc.

Material adaptation machines

Service & Custom Manufacturing

Sugi® stands for tailor-made solutions according to your requirements. Our dedicated personnel are at your side at every stage of your product with first-class service.

Rhino Strips and Sheets

Sugi® products

Questalpha offers a range of branded products for clinics and practices - developed for highly specialized applications in the fields of ophthalmology, ENT and wound care. Find out more on


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